Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pregnant Betches Thoughts

14 weeks! About to become a parent has got me thinking a lot about my relationship with my parents. How often I showed them that I appreciated them and how often I put them through hell. I heard that how bad you were as a kid; you’re going to get it 7 times worse…and I wasn’t the best of kids. You learn from how your parents raised you, what you want to do similar and what you want to do differently. Even though it is years away when my child hits the rebellious phase, I am curious on how I am going to raise my child and what values I want to bestow onto them without being a hypocrite. Now my parents were strict, but I always found a loop hole for sneaking out or lying, I feel like this is already going to make me a paranoid mom, knowing all the tricks and what not. I wonder if one day my baby boy or girl will be throwing parties while I am away or sneaking out in the middle of the night to go party; hiding their whole life from me like I did to my parents.

Although I would loveeee for a little mini me, I hope that they don’t turn out as disrespectful as I was. I had never really showed my parents how much I appreciated all they did for me growing up, and now I realize how much I should. My parents had always put me first, even though we didn’t have much, I always seemed to get what I wanted. Even now they are the only people I can fully count on.
What I hope to be is the mom, who is lenient until I have a reason not to be- then there will be bars on the window and their door will be removed! It will be funny disciplining because I had never been grounded! It is nerve-racking wondering how my baby is going to turn out; if they are going to be like me or their dad or completely different from us, if they are going to be a nerd like me or more athletic like their dad. Either way, I hope that I will be a good mom and karma won’t kick me in the butt!

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