Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Names

 People’s fates are simplified by their names. — Elias Canetti

Your name is one of the most important things that you have; it’s like your title, and who doesn’t judge a book by its title?  I was lucky enough to enjoy my name, the most ridicule I got for it was, “Hey Tia, where’s Tamera??” which got annoying.. but I still liked it, and I knew others were less fortunate.
 My boyfriend for example, has a girl name. When we are in public and he needs to give his name, he goes by Jay instead of Jade, it just cracks me up.  Celebrities have a knack for coming up with the most god awful names too; Pirate, Apple,  D’ Lila Star??? Really P Diddy..  That sounds like a stripper’s name!
So of course I want the perfect name for my baby, that they won't get made fun of for, or have a horrible nick-name growing up. I am just having trouble finding it. I have come across names that I like, but nothing that I loveee. I also don't want a name that is too boring or too common. It also doesn’t help that every name me or my boyfriend do like or come up with, one of us knew someone with that name- that was a betch, hoe, or premium doushe :| It is just so hard coming up with a name! Pregnant betches problems...

I also want the name I choose to have a nice meaning, for example my name means princess in greek- and of course that fits me…

So here is my list of names that weren't too boring or reminded me of a slore or a doushie;

Top 5 Tia Liked Girl Names:
1.       Kiara; Meaning: Clear, bright and famous in Latin and Italian> I am leaning towards this one.
2.       Melany; Meaning: Black in Greek. Like the name but the meaning would have no meaning.
3.       Kiana; has no meaning online…
4.       Keira: Meaning: Dark. My baby is going to be dark, but I don’t want their name to be that.
5.       Arianna: Meaning: Very holy one. I want my baby to be religious, but Jade and I haven’t gone to church for 11 months…

Top 5 Tia Liked Boy Names:
1.       Aiden: Meaning: Little Fire> I think that this is cute.
2.       Brayden; Meaning: Broad and Wide> ehh..
3.       Kayden; had no meaning online..
4.       Bentley; Meaning: Bent grass clearing??? I don’t know what this means..
5.       Kash;  Meaning: Money, profit> Everyone likes money right?
The meanings are what throw me off on these names, but those are the names I am thinking of as of now. I have 2 polls for boys and girls names so help me decide and know your favorites!

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