Thursday, August 30, 2012


     At 18 weeks 4 days, my body is feeling awesome but is now looking very pregnant. I have gained 11 pounds so far, and it's now no secret that I am expecting. The past week I have also started cosmotology school so I can get my esthetic and nail tech lisence before my little nugget is born. And although I enjoy the program so far, I notice people have a lot to say about pregnant people here; Pregnant B*tches Problems*
     Apparently if you are under the age of 30 you should abort your kid if you get pregnant, or at least that's what I am getting by the way everyone talks about pregnant people around me. I am the youngest person in my cosmotology class, with people ranging from 21-37. Today someone brings up how people are getting pregnant younger and younger nowadays. My instructor decides to jump in with the comment,
      "You know it is so true... I got pregnant at 24 and I still think that's too young. If you haven't experienced the world, how are you supposed to teach it to your child. It is not fair to get pregnant so young."
        A girl joins in who is a mother and explains it is okay for her because she got pregnant at 28.
(By the way, everyone in class knows I am pregnant...)
So let me get this straight, while you place judgment on me about my age you are sitting in the same room as me, going to school for the same thing, but the only difference is, you're old... So how does that make me in a worse situation? I have met 30 year olds who act like 15 year old, actually 50 something year olds (my instuctor) who act like a child so I didn't know that your age is your maturity level, and that at nineteen I am not an adult.
     I can honestly say that this pregnancy is the best thing that has happend to me, I regret nothing. I have quit all my bad habits, stepped up to find an alternative career plan within weeks, and have been job hunting like a mad woman with 3 interviews in 3 weeks. So tell me that I am irresponsible. I don't live in the ghetto and I am not a crackhead sitting on welfare.
      It seems like people feel either bad, angry, or disgusted towards pregnant people, but in reality most people who feel that way, live sad lives themselves. And I am sorry you have to try to make me feel bad about my sitation, but trust me I already am a better mother than you if you feel so negatively about bringing a child in this world. I have nothing but joy and excitement towards my baby.

PS I love you my little nugget <3

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