Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How my life has changed

Pregnant Brainstorming and Venting

           I used to always say I would never have kids, ever. I was always a me-me-me type of person doing whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I admit I was self-centered but now that I am 6 months away from bringing a new life into this world, I am far from that and instead, entirely stressed. It’s like a mother’s instinct to want the best for your child, and seeing as I am taking a year off of school now, I am stuck wondering what I am going to do to be financially capable of raising my child. I read that mothers have a nesting instinct and that they will stress out that everything is perfect for their child before they are born, that is what I am going through right now.

 Initially I had wanted to get into the journalism field whether writing or broadcasting, which is why I chose the University of Oregon, there program is amazing. But now I am wondering if going to school for three more years is the right choice, I want income; now. That is why I have recently been considering an esthetician program, a 7 month program in which I will become a licensed esthetician and ready for employment. I need a job, any job that is over minimum wage to feel confident that I am going to be okay to raise a family in this economy. An esthetician’s average wage is around 15 dollars but can move up to 20, which I am honestly content with at this time; the problem is my family does not approve of my altered plan. They believe that the best way is to get a degree and then a career, which was my original plan, but now I realize that my whole way of doing things must change. A bachelor’s degree now is becoming equivalent to a high school diploma anyhow, just because you have one does not mean you’re guaranteed a job. Then again substituting a bachelor’s degree from a university, instead with a license from a cosmetology school is risky too. There are so many chances that I could take, but I am worried that I might choose the wrong one.      Changing my dream is one thing that has changed, but I still do not regret anything, I just need to know that I will be able to give him/her a strong independent mom that can give them the world. Here is the start of my struggle and I know that in the end, everything is going to work out. I know that I have time but it would be a lot easier if I was already prepared for this, but I guess life is never really easy. PBP.

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