Sunday, October 28, 2012

if you don't want to make her a wife, then don't make her a mama

It is funny the questions you get asked when you are pregnant. It is like all manners go out the window when it comes to it and you will know this if you have been pregnant or when you get pregnant. Most common questions I get, How old are you? Are you still with the dad? Was it planned? Either way it's happening betches, dispite my age, relationship status, or if it was planned. These questions you will get, but I want to talk about the question,
Whose last name are you using?

Now if it is a random person asking I tell em', "my last name duh" with zero fuc***s and in response they give no fuc***s - like it should be. But when it comes to someone who knows the baby daddy then I get that look like mhhh...that's not right.

My response is, if I don't have your last name then the child that I am carrying for 9 months isn't either. I got this question from a girl who got pregnant with her high school sweet heart and like me, she wasn't married either but she decided to use his last name. They split, she has custody, the baby has his last name. Now that just doesn't roll with me. Now if the dad believes we will be together forever and wants to give me his last name, I am going to believe that too and all three of us can share that. Until then me and baby are one and you are on your own buddy.

Now I am lucky to have a boyfriend who understands this. In the beginning it was a heated debate but he understands my point and I am completely thankful that he respects it.

My point, fellas if you don't want to make her a wife, don't make her a mother.

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