Sunday, October 28, 2012

27 weeks

It is crazy how fast this pregnancy is going by. My time has ticked down to 13ish weeks left, simply crazy.

Now I thought pregnancy was bad before but little did I know I had not seen nothing yet. Here are the things that happened as I continued in pregnancy I didn't expect.

1. I got a hairy belly, and an outtie belly button.
2. I gained 30 lbs (That is what I am supposed to gain in my entire pregnancy)
3. My feet KILL me, I can't wear heels or even toms w/o horrible feet pain.
4. As the second trimester ends, exhaustion comes back bad.
5. My shirts became belly shirts
6. My boobs got stretch marks:( belly so far so good though.
7. pregnancy increases clumsiness
8. BABY KICKS LIKE CRAZY, when she kicks my stomach bounces, iloveit.
9. emotionalness continues.
10. I eat more than my boyfriend. seriously.

and the sad part is, I know it will only get worse...

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing though and I have been enjoying it. It's a fun part of my life even though it can be difficult. I love going out and buying her clothes and seeing her move on a ultrasound or just through my belly.

Next doctors appointment in a couple weeks-testing for diabetes. So now you know what to expect:D

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